Blockchain Assets Freeway
T20Worldcup aims to be the secure end-to-end solution for any blockchain resident to move and exchange assets. To fulfill this role, T20 team is building on three layers simultaneously: a dedicated blockchain served as the infrastructure freeway connecting all kinds of blockchains to break the barriers, the T20 Assets layer where all kinds of assets are mapped to T20 chain in a non-custodial style via trustless smart contract, and the DeFi Application layer where all kinds of applications including but not limited to DEXes, games and NFTs can be built with the cross-chain capabilities enabled by the T20 chain and T20 assets.
Our Strength
secured by 100+ validators and maintained by thousands of relayers
driven only by cryptographic proof other than human decision
unbiased on-chain randomness is supported by thousands of relayers
nearly-zero fees for cross-chain assets transfer or swap by T20 token compensation
DeFi Application
Cross-chain DeFi application can be easily built with the underlying light client and assets vault.
Safely migrate all your digital assets from one chain to another without chain barriers.
Fast trades of NFT tokens on cross-chain in decentralized manner even without the specified token in your wallet.
Easy migration of your DeFi application to T20 chain to enjoy the aggregation of diverse assets.
Assets Vault
Bulletproof smart contract manages massive cross-chain assets itself other than by human.
It is built-on the trustless light client to complete cross-chain message verification
Assets movement can only be triggered by events backed by cryptographic proof.
One-stop boundless assets transfer by wrapping all assets on T20 chain.
Fully EVM compatible blockchain is secured by 100+ staked validators via BFT protocol.
Maintaining light clients of interested blockchains is the foundation of cross-chain verification.
Light clients are updated by 1000+ relayers with cryptographic proof following consensus.
Fair and unbiased on-chain randomness is supported by massive relayers in the swarm model.
1. Token Create.
2. Smart contract creation
Hotbit Exchange
Lbank Exchange
Hoo Exchange
Rewards program for yield farming
Staking Reward
Community Reward
Mexc Exchange
Kucoin Exchange
Binance Exchange